Grace Table Shoot || Lifestyle

Hello again, friends! I work alongside a team of lovely ladies at a company called Verity Vareé, where our goal is to spread the truth about beauty through the stories of the women that we meet.  We have the honor of telling those stories and sharing them with the world.

Take a minute to visit our site and be refreshed! These photos below are from a recent shoot I worked on with my dear friend and Vv teammate, Margaret (of Fika Gatherings), for a guest post on The Grace Table! The beautiful words on Self-Hospitality come from the heart of my wise sister-in-love (and the founder of Vv), Emily Dean.

I went through and chose some of my favorite photos from the day. Once we finished the shoot inside, we had some fun out in the cold with Emma and her fabulous red hair. Enjoy! 

Styling by Margaret Dodson